The Importance of Sport

The enhancement of physical and mental development of children is certainly the most important contribution of sports for children. “


I thought I should write a blog post explaining WHY I am wanting to create an event for students/ children/ honestly anyone- encouraging physical activity, and the importance of it! I was reading an article about the “Novak Djokovic Foundation” and it listed off so many great reasons as to why sport/ physical activity is important for children. I have placed the link at the end so please to check it out!

This article I was reading says it best that sport is “a powerful tool that breaks down all the barriers and helps us feel good about ourselves, both physically and mentally.”

Being a part of an organization, creates relationships. You become friends with individuals you may never have singled out before to form a bond with,  and it allows children to become comfortable with people of various ages (coaches, team-mates parents/ siblings etc…) This helps with children’s development of social behaviour, and brings together people from all over the world through a common interest.

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